Get less headaches and better results
when we run your email campaign.


Running email marketing campaigns yourself is a lot of work, presents technical challenges and requires expertise to get great results.

As marketing experts we can run them for you using our email platform, hosted on a fast & robust SMTP server. Our professional team can even help design & write your emails to generate more sales.

Benefits of us running your email campaign:
• No more worries about your Mailchimp account being affected
• No headaches over too many bounces, complaints or low open rate
• We’ll do all the work of scheduling your emails for you
• Get detailed campaign stats and unsubscribes managed for you
• Recipients will not know your emails were sent through us

Pricing: 3 cents + GST per email, large discounts for high volumes.

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Email Marketing Facts

• 81% of small businesses rely exclusively on email to acquire new clients
• 59% of consumers say emails affect their purchase decisions
• 9 out of 10 professional marketers use emails to distribute content
• 47% of email recipients open emails based solely on the subject line
• 78% marketers have had increased user engagement in the past 12 months