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..Email Marketing is still one of the most cost effective and direct ways of promoting your products or services.
It is a tried and tested medium which produces instant results and is easily monitored for response.

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We handle two types of Email Marketing to suit our client’s needs.

Plain Text Emails and EDM’s, the plain Email is a simple layout exactly the same as a normal Emails you receive every day.

The EDM is Electronic Delivery of Mail meaning a flier with logos, pictures, graphics even imbedded video.

Our clients have had massive success with these EDM campaigns

We can send to your own list and manage the scheduling and reports or we can build an Email list to your exact requirements.

Unlike Mailchimp and other services we can handle generic emails like info@, sales@ which will greatly increase your reach.

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Email is a revenue-driving machine. It reigns supreme as the most powerful marketing channel in terms of ROI, returning $38 for every $1 you spend. What’s more: It converts 40 times as many customers as social media.

But just because you have some email content and a list of subscribers doesn’t mean you’re getting the maximum benefit out of your email marketing campaigns.

Examples of successful Email Designs