Australian Over 55s

“Baby Boomers will continue to dominate the affluent consumer segment for at least the next five-years, and probably the next ten, given their penchant to keep working rather than retire at 65 like past generations”.


The Over 55s List is an essential database of Australian Over 55’s extracted from the most comprehensive Residential File in Australia, kept constantly up-to-date daily. It contains 855,000 records with full personalisation including not only postal data, but also phone numbers (after-DNC count shown) and emails.


Data Quality Guarantee (Over 55s specific list only)

95%+ Accuracy on addresses, 92%+ emails, 92%+ phone numbers*
*Based on data utilized within 21 days of delivery, particularly phone numbers to comply with DNC Regulations.

NOTE: Phone numbers are already washed through the Do Not Call Register. If you are exempt (Charity/Research/Government Department) all Phone Numbers can be provided. Minimum order test quantity of 2k+ records plus $300 set up.



Purchase entitles you to a 12 month multi-use contract, maximum two uses per month.

$300 set up fee along with the following rates plus GST:

wdt_ID Records Addresses Emails Addresses + Phones Addresses + Emails + Phones
*Over 100,000 special contract rate, depending on quantity. If you have your own database and do not wish to double up on the same contacts, please let us know prior to ordering and we can de-duplicate via DPID, Phone, Address or Email. (Typically free of charge)


List Contents

wdt_ID State Phone Numbers Emails Addresses

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