Australian Marketing Lists is run by its two directors, Oliver Norman and Ken Warren, who between them have over 50 years’ experience in sales, promotion and marketing.

We have a team of data engineers, designers and marketing specialists in house to get your campaigns working.

Marketing lists

We have developed over a hundred specific lists in every key area of business and organisations. We are developing new lists and updating existing ones on an on-going basis to provide the most comprehensive and accurate lists available.

  • We have the best and most comprehensive schools and education marketing database available in Australia. Open the door to one of the most lucrative markets ever. If you supply schools with any kind or product or service this is the marketing tool for you.
  • The Australian Business or Residential list: Millions of full records updated every six months. All phone numbers, emails and fax numbers are tested constantly to remove dead records.
  • The SME Business Master List. An amazing marketing tool targeted at small to medium size enterprises. Each industry list is built from association or government registration websites. Phone numbers, email addresses and much more.

Marketing Services

  • We have systems in placAe to contact any sector you wish by Fax or Email from one postcode to the whole country.
  • We have a Lead Generation team capable of delivering red hot sales reaches direct to your sales force.
  • We have an in-house specialist Ad Words and Google Analytics expert ready to help you boost your web sales and get you at the top of the site rankings.

Please don’t hesitate to call us for a no pressure chat about anything marketing related. We are human and we are here to help with whatever you may need. If we don’t supply the product or service you require then we probably know someone who does!

We can provide lists for any industry & custom build just for you

  • We are not a list broker – we own all of our lists. You will see at least two new lists being uploaded to our site every week.
  • List brokers regularly charge ridiculous amounts for similar lists with far less Information.
  • List brokers nearly always charge a setup fee of up to $350 – we do not.
  • List brokers rent you their lists for a one off use only. They do this to make you spend more money! We do not rent our lists to you. Once you have purchased your list you can use it as many times as you like.
  • We also update our lists regularly. If you wish to purchase updates you will receive a significant discount.
  • Our lists vary in price from $100 to $1000, depending on size. We do not charge up to $2 a contact like list brokers do.
  • We are human and transparent. Whilst we make life easy by enabling you to simply purchase your chosen lists online, through our website, you can also give us a call or email us with any questions you may have.
  • Our lists are all fresh and custom built – we update every list very regularly.
  • None of our lists are sourced from large directories.
  • Our lists come from a combination of sources such as industry associations and guilds.
  • All of our information is published and complies with privacy laws.
  • We can supply state, national or geo-specific lists.
  • Don’t get conned by purchasing huge, generic, out of date databases.
  • Our lists are comprehensive and user friendly.
  • Ongoing technical support is always available – just call us.
  • We are human! Feel free to give us call for a chat with any questions.


We understand that you may need more than one list to achieve your marketing goals. We will accommodate for this. For example, if you wish to purchase all sports club lists nationwide we will come up with a package price to suit your needs. Just call us or email us and ask.