How do I download lists I purchase?

Simply click on the product you want and click Add to Cart, coupon codes can entered on the Cart screen. If more lists are required go to your next list and Add to Cart.

After purchase on the Checkout screen the system will automatically generate an invoice and you will be directed to a download link for each list you purchased.

How do I enter a discount promo code?

Coupon codes can be entered on the Cart screen.

How are your lists sourced?

From multiple publicly displayed sites like Yellow Pages and multiple other sites specialist sites. We also have relationships with many other list owners with whom we share data.

Are your lists DNCR compliant?

Firstly, DNCR only applies to residential files, businesses are not covered by the DNCR. As the DNCR changes every month our residential list needs to be washed against the register before use. To help you we have noted over 600,000 known DNCR records on the Residential File.

Do you offer package deals if I buy multiple lists?

Many of our items are bundled products like the our Master List, the Education Package, Medical Package etc. But if you need to mix and match some individual lists please contact us and we will build a special quote so you can save money.

What ownership rights do I have to use any lists I purchase?

The list is yours to keep and use within your own business, but it is expressly forbidden to sell or share the list with anyone else. The records are seeded to detect this if it occurs.


What are my legal responsibilities for any list I buy?

Once you purchase a list from us it becomes your intellectual property. You can make any changes you like and use it for any purpose you choose.

It is completely your responsibility to use the list in a legal and responsible fashion.

Australian Marketing List offers no explicit or implicit guarantees as regards to any compliance issues with any legislation or codes and we recommend you become fully knowledgeable in all appropriate areas concerning all aspects of marketing regulations and follow them completely.

How many invalid email addresses and phone numbers are typical on your lists?

Email lists age very quickly. Our average target is 90% but some lists are lower than this, some higher. We wash all our emails against a master file of dead Emails, and they are fully tested before listing but we can offer no guarantees. Only List Brokers provide deliverability guarantees.

How often do you collect new data and refresh your lists?

This is a constant process every week we are adding and removing data. We recommend you purchase an update every year or so at a substantial discount to update your marketing effort.

Do you offer an update service for when you release a new version of a list I bought?

We constantly update our lists, you can call anytime to check where your product is on the update process plus we will email you with an update Email as they are completed.

Can you help me market my business to a list I buy?

Yes we can, we have superfast and inexpensive Email and Fax servers plus we offer help with design and copy as needed. We run the campaigns and handle all the back end, unsubs etc and provide a full transmission report. We have many ongoing successful clients using our system. See the “About Us” page and the Testimonials on the website. We have experts available to discuss your campaigns ideas and will help you every inch of the way.

What kind of response can I expect marketing to an AML list?

Impossible to answer that question precisely because of the nature of this business but we have clients that have used our lists for years and have produced fantastic returns.

Can you help me decide which list my business is best suited to market my service or products?

Yes absolutely, with decades of experience in marketing, design and data management we can help you build a world class marketing system for your company.