There are two types of lists available for you to use:
• Lists compiled from your own client files, or lists sourced from your relevant industry body.
• Comprehensive lists owned by a fax marketing company that are usually nation wide and will have masses of added data like area, business type etc.
We have over 1,000,000 active fax numbers in Australia as well as huge lists for nearly every country in the world.
All lists you use must be run against the current Do Not Call Register every month and contain all the key points covered under the current ACMA legislation (
Here at Australian Marketing Lists we maintain our lists to the highest possible standard and we check all our numbers against the DNCR list every time we send out a job.
We can also show you exactly how to achieve full compliance; with the correct footer wording and opt out procedure.
We also provide a fully automated web based opt out system for your clients to use.
Because we have faithfully removed everyone who has requested off in the past, the volume of “ask off’s” phoning in should be very low.
Very, very occasionally someone can get abusive and we will assist you to coach your staff on how to handle this. Essentially this means having a designated person to take these calls and a simple script to easily handle their issues.

Uploading Lists

If you already have your own list to upload we make the task simple. It is pretty much the same as uploading an email list. As long as the document is in some form of spreadsheet, the information will be uploaded for use and edited in no time.
Common formats for uploading include CSV, EXCEL and plain text. Managing large lists of data can be time consuming and difficult for some marketers with limited resources. That is why it is important that we offer a full list management service as well, this makes everything easy, while still providing the features you need.
If you are using our lists it is as easy as logging onto our web portal, doing your searches and saving them as you go.

Signup Forms and List Creation

To maximize your return on investment you must “capture” every reach that comes in either by phone or onto the web. Even if they do not buy this time, being able to follow them up by phone, e-mail or SMS will reap big dividends in the future. When adding a new contact, take the time to enter all the information you have. On top of getting their full name, it will be handy to also have an email address, a phone number or even a Twitter handle. It could become valuable later on when we get to split testing or more targeted marketing.
By adding a signup form to your website or blog, you can begin the process of gathering opt-in readers who are excited to receive communications from your company. With just a little copying and pasting, you can add a signup form in minutes. Numerous services will allow you to customize your form and then generate an HTML code that you can add to your website or landing page. This allows your visitors to enter their email addresses and instantly add themselves to your mailing list.
Your signup form will automatically connect to a list management system where you can monitor, edit and split the data however you choose. If you have already used email marketing before, you will be very familiar with this process.
It is a good idea to keep the sign up process as brief as possible. Long forms can scare away interested leads. Ask for the basic information right away such as email address, name and phone number and give the user the option to fill in more details later on.
You can easily customize a good signup form to help manage a number of fields that are required, and at the same time test different versions of the form to see which one provides a higher conversion rate.
If your company sells multiple products or services, we recommend you create a signup form with a product drop down menu to help you identify what product the user is interested in signing up for.
When a user signs up using your form, you should contact the client to thank them for their interest in your product. Also, over a regular time period you should provide your users with relevant information to keep them aware of your services.
It is also important to still have an email set up with your signup form, letting someone know they have actually signed up and have opted in.
This will help users remember who you are and what you have to offer them before you starting sending special deals and discounts. We find such tactics to be very beneficial as users don’t like to be sent promotions without them having been disclosed or warned that they are coming.

Top Tips

1. Add a signup form to your website or blog to capture your client data if you are driving business onto a landing page.
2. Have a paper form to capture all incoming calls, at least you must capture their name, phone number and what product or offer they are responding to at the initial point of contact.
3. Create an effective and easy to use list management system and make sure it is used fully. We have highly trained staff able to advise on all aspects of list management.
4. Mix your fax marketing strategy with other forms of marketing. Ask us about E-mail and SMS, Telemarketing, SEO and Web development.