General Terms & Conditions of data use

All our lists are our intellectual property and remain so at all times and in all conditions. They may not be sold or resold under any circumstances and the violation of this will result in legal proceeding to recover the purchase price of the list involved and all legal costs incurred.

  • Our Lists are not available for competitive products
  • We accept no liability as to the accuracy of this database due to business or personnel changes.
  • We will attempt to keep our lists up to date and current each year
  • We accept no responsibility for the success or failure of any marketing campaigns.
  • Quantities quoted are approximate.
  • Costs are subject to change without notice.
  • Extra costs may be incurred for complicated selections or specialized requests on delivery of data.
  • Copying of any mailing list is strictly prohibited.
  • All Databases are seeded with false records to detect unauthorised use.
  • All prices currently quoted on this website include Goods & Services Tax at 10%.
  • No refunds are available after purchase.
  • Australian Marketing Lists products once purchased are yours to use for as many campaigns as you wish. You do not rent or lease your lists. You own your databases.
  • All information is provided by Australian Marketing Lists in good faith without express or implied warranty.

The following Terms and Conditions refer to the purchase of lists from Australian Marketing Lists.

The lists are not to be used by you for any purpose other than the specific purpose as agreed prior to the delivery of the lists.

Where fax numbers appear in any list of our database lists, it is the responsibility of the licencee to wash the list against the current Do Not Fax Register.

Where phone numbers appear in any list of our database lists, it is the responsibility of the licencee to wash the list against the current Do Not Call Register.

AML accepts no responsibility for your use of our data. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to comply with all and any legalisation with regards to the unsolicited communications in accordance with the ‘Spam Act 2003’.  You must seek your own legal advice about email broadcast before use. Email addresses are generic and personalised only to the institution and its contact within that institution as the key contact where available and published in the public domain.

Update offers only apply to previous lists purchased.

Features may change without notice. The AML reserves the right to change, amend or withdraw from sale any list or service at any time without notice. All prices and conditions are current as of January 2017.
We reserve the right to  refuse  sale  to  any  person  or  organisation.  All lists, promotional material and licence agreements are copyright to the Australian Marketing Lists (2017)

You will not disclose, transfer, duplicate, reproduce or retain all or any portion of the supplied lists or any information thereon in any form or manner whatsoever, nor permit any third party, agent, employee or contractor and their respective agents and employees to do so.

You understand that the AML Lists has been seeded with false names and addresses for security reasons so as to permit and allow efficient and convenient checking of misuse or further use. You agree that production of one communication of any kind, or offer, by AML Lists (to any of the said false names and addresses) shall constitute prima facie evidence of more than one use or misuse of the List or any part of it by you as the customer. You understand that you are liable whether you or any third party should so use or misuse the List or any part of it.

You acknowledge that your use of the List is your complete responsibility and that AML have no responsibility of any kind for the success or failure of your use of the List or your marketing campaign generally.

You hereby release AML from all or any liability which might arise out of our use of the said List whether or not you use the same in accordance with advice from AML or not.

You acknowledge that AML has no control over whether or not the List may or may not be accurate or correct, may not wish to purchase or respond, or for any other reason, the use of the List may not lead to successful results for the communications campaign.

You agree that AML are not to be held liable for the number or success of the replies or any responses you receive.

Payment Terms: Prepayment by Credit Card or Pay Pal prior to List delivery

If you have any questions please contact AML at or call 1800 961 500


Australian Marketing Lists (AML) does not warrant, guarantee or make any representations regarding the currency, accuracy, correctness, reliability, usability, or any other aspect, of the material presented on this Web site, nor of material provided by others to AML and presented on this Web site, nor of material provided by others and accessed from this site using links or connections to their Web sites or distribution services. The user accepts sole responsibility and all risk for using material presented on or accessed from this Web site. AML does not accept any liability for any loss or damage which may be incurred as a result of using this Web site or any material presented on or accessed from this Web Site.

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